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Personal Injury and Litigation

If you have suffered a personal Injury caused by a Road traffic Accident, a slip, trip, or fall then you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Kingswell Berney have many years experience in dealing with personal injury claims and obtaining compensation for clients who have been injured.

So if you have been involved in a car accident, tripped or slipped over, or suffered an injury as a result of some accident then come an see us where we can advise you on the matter.

Accidents do unfortunately happen and there can be serious consequences for you and your family, not only of a personal nature but also financial. So it is important to obtain advice.

We can advise on whether you have a claim and if so how to proceed with it.

If you have a claim then Kingswell Berney can act for you and will also seek to obtain Insurance cover to protect you against being liable for your opponents costs in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful if it goes to court.

We try to settle cases without the need for going to court and this can often be done by negotiation or mediation, but if this fails then we will rigorously pursue your claim to conclusion.

General Litigation

This can take many forms such as boundary disputes, disagreements with neighbours, faulty workmanship, etc.

If you have such a claim then we can give you an estimate of what we think the costs will be.

We try to settle cases without the need for going to court and this can often be done by negotiation or mediation, but if this fails then we will rigorously pursue your claim to conclusion.

Domestic Conveyancing

Residential Property and Leases | Tenancy Agreements | Equity Release | Transfers of Equity

Kingswell Berney has many years experience in the sale and purchase of property, and in property matters and offers an efficient , reliable and competitively priced conveyancing service.

We will give you a fixed price quote for your conveyancing which will be the price that you pay, there are no hidden costs or charges.

The sale and purchase of property is often one of the biggest investments that people make in their lifetime and we aim to help you go through this process as smoothly, and as quickly as possible.

At Kingswell Berney unlike some larger firms you will know who is acting for you and they will be your main contact during the transaction, you will be kept informed as to the progress of your transaction on a regular basis.

We can also assist you in the creation of leases and tenancy Agreements, and provide advice on equity release schemes and Transfers of equity.

So if you are considering buying or selling a house then phone us, or come along and see us for a no obligation chat and a quote.

Buying and Selling Houses

Easements, restrictions, retentions, conveyancing. Commonly regarded as one of the top three most stressful life events alongside divorce and bereavement, buying and selling a house can also be one of the most confusing transactions that you will be involved in. Using a solicitor who will make every effort to guide you through your home move without confusion, jargon and unnecessary delay can help ensure that moving home becomes a pleasure not a chore.

At Kingswell Berney Solicitors we act for:

We deal with leasehold and freehold property and can represent your mortgage lender at the same time. We have dealt with most of the big mortgage companies and some of the small ones too.

Based in Gosport, Hampshire, we act for clients in Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth and across the South Coast.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, or both, contact our friendly conveyancing solicitors who will provide a fixed price quote with no hidden costs. As we are a small local firm, you will always know which of our staff will be dealing with your transaction.

Wills & Probate and Trust

For information on our Wills & Probate and Trusts, please see our dedicated page here.


This is unfortunately often a very stressful and difficult experience, emotions can be running high and it can often be difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Divorce in England and Wales is based on one ground, and that is unreasonable behaviour, this can be extremely serious behaviour such as violence or a series of trivial matters.

There are 5 facts under which you may Petition for Divorce these are as follows:

  1. Behaviour: this is the usual grounds and will normally consist of various examples of behaviour that taken together make it unreasonable for the person to have to live with the other party any longer.
  2. Adultery: This speaks for itself.
  3. 2 years' separation and the other party consents to a divorce on this ground.
  4. Desertion for a continuous period of two years.
  5. 5 years' separation no consent required.

If the Divorce is undefended, as most are, then it should proceed fairly quickly and you could be divorced within 5 months of issuing your divorce petition.


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